Sara De Meo e Luca Piccolo

The meeting has last two hours, one in the class and one in the gym. 

During the class time, Thomas – mini basket coach for the association ( – chatted with us about sport: what it’s sport like?

Literally sports means those physical activities we do for different reasons: health, training, fun, competition. It’s a mix of passion, game and commitment.
What Thomas wanted to teach us is that sport is something serious, but it’s also fun and playful.

To “play” implies leisure, beauty, rules and altruism.
If we compare sports we play as kids with sports we follow on tv (the professional ones), we will see how too often competitive sport goes beyond the limit to the detriment of fairplay, fairness and respect towards the opponents.

Regarding to the Association, Thomas told us that in case any athlete doesn’t have enough funds to pays the entry fee, ASD Futura welcomes him/her for free. 

Furthermore, he confirmed that all the coaches work as volunteers.

Lastly, he talked about a basketball team entirely composed by Chinese University students: those kids would be happy to welcome during their trainings some of our chinese classmates!