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What can we do for associations

GenerazioneAltruista offers complete support to volunteer associations.
For this reason, we created totally free services that associations can request at any moment and with no limit.
We do believe in the importance of strong and long term relations between the ones who work to bring the city closer and more supportive.

Our support to associations is not only about services, we are happy to help with any initiative towards the ones in need.
You can find out contacts here!

How to reach teenage volunteers for your projects

Follow these three easy steps: 

First: click on the below button “Register” and subscribe to this website as a user.

You will immediately get a confirmation email that allows you to choose your password, just follow the instructions.

Fill in your  email address, we will use it to send you messages and volunteers applications.

Second: fill in the infos about your association (name, last name and email should be the same as the ones you used for the user). Give us more infos filling in the form.
In order to do that, click on the second button.
Third: send us some details about the projects you need volunteers for!
In order to do that, click on the third button.
You can add as many projects as you like. The more focused is the search, the more positive feedback you will get!

When your ad will be approved, we will make it public and we will spread it through our contact. 

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