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What do we do for schools

We do believe in the importance of a strong link between school and volunteering. 

For this reason we built through the years several collaborations with middle, high schools and universities carrying out several projects.

We do talks in the schools about our activities, so young people can find out what volunteering really means, through discussions, workshops, lessons and presentations.

Furthermore, we give schools the chance to report any potential internal issue we can help them with (i.e. repainting the rooms or finding volunteers to manage the school library) 

For any request or proposal do not hesitate to contact us filling in the form below.

Work-related learning

Since years we have been collaborating with schools to organize trainings and “work-related learning” projects.
This experience let the teenagers know the world of nonprofit organizations and get new skills on the field.
Kids can live several experiences, useful for their professional growth, in a warm and welcoming environment.
Most of our volunteer are very young and this makes communication very easy and quick.
Furthermore, our office is always open to kids who want to volunteer, also with the aim of gaining extra school credits (also from international schools).

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