Our By-Laws

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This English version of the statutes is provided for convenience only. The only legally binding version is the Italian text, available below.

Article 1
Name and location
1.1 The named volunteer organization is established. “MilanoAltruista Volunteer Organization”, hereinafter referred to as the Association. The Association adopts Law 11 August 1991 n. 266, the Regional Law of Lombardy February 14, 2008 n. 1 and Legislative Decree 117/2017.
1.2 The Association is a non-profit organization, is non-political and cannot distribute profits either directly or indirectly. The contents and structure of the Association are inspired by the principles of solidarity, transparency and democracy, which allow the effective participation of members in the life of the Association itself.
1.3 The duration of the Association is unlimited.
1.4 The Association is based in Milan. The Governing Council may, with its resolution, move the headquarters within the same municipality and establish or close secondary offices or branch offices.

Article 2
Purpose and activity
2.1 The Association exclusively or principally carries out one or more activities of general interest for the pursuit, not for profit, of civic, solidarity and social utility purposes. It makes decisive and prevalent use of its personal, voluntary and free services members.

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