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If you are a teenager and you want to make the world a better place and have fun at the same time, this is for you.

Are you a boy or girl in middle or high school? When you see someone in trouble you do not look the other way but you try to help? Would you like to make your city a better place for everyone? If your answer to these question is YES, you are part of GenerazioneAltruista and we can support you. 

We have many ideas to share, both to do volunteering where needed and to make you realize your idea for a better Milano!

Find in our website the teenagers volunteering work among all the activities. 

If you like to do something to support who needs help, together with your friends or with new mates, email us at:



GenerazioneAltruista promotes volunteer work and is committed to let anyone work as a volunteer. This means to give the chance to volunteer also to those who do not have much time, nor clear ideas about what to do, to those who are not ready to commit immediately and also to younger kids.

Our volunteer activities are meaningful in terms of social impact, widely flexible (suitable for every single need and situation) and they are shared with other altruistic people.

To GenerazioneAltruista, to volunteer means to help others and our own city, but is also a personal growth and a precious occasion to have fun and support. Volunteering is altruism, community and fun.

Volunteering is super easy!

GenerazioneAltruista collects volunteer projects of several associations operating in Milan and in the suburbs in one website: that makes easy to select the activities.

Just subscribe to the website filling in the form and look for the project you like the most among the ones proposed. You can use the filters to refine your search and to find the activities more suitable for your interests, your attitudes and availability.

Once you find the project that most suits you, open up and subscribe with one click.

Subscription is very easy: once you open the selected activity you will find a calendar with available dates, pick up the one for you and on click on “plus” (+) 

Wait a few seconds. and it’s done! Super easy, isn’t it?

To unsubscribe just click on “minus” (-)!

Once the subscription is completed, you will get an automatically generated email with the confirmation. Within 72 hours you’ll be contacted directly by the selected association to plan the last details!

Some associations, especially in certain time periods, find hard to give a quick reply to the requests. We suggest – while subscribing – to pick at least one date no earlier than 3 or 4 days to present.
In case you don’t get any reply within 72 hours, please be patient! Wait few more days and if you do not get any answer contact us by clicking here!