Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct for GenerazioneAltruista volunteers (MilanoAltruista)

Volunteers have a significant role in what we do and are crucial in terms of the impact we have on our community.
MilanoAltruista wants to make everyone, from volunteers to recipients, feel safe and welcome. Your contribution to the community will be better if you follow these simple guidelines.
1. Volunteers are asked to register for a project and possibly withdraw from it or through the MilanoAltruista website or by contacting the Team Leader. Do not go to the place of a project without signing up because you will not be able to participate.
2. Get to the appointment of the project at least five / ten minutes in advance and contact the Team Leader. Follow the instructions of the Team Leader.
3. Follow all the non-profit instructions, especially regarding contact with children.
4. Do not take photographs if you have received the relevant authorization from the Team Leader and the representative of the non-profit partner of the project.
5. Physical contact must be limited. Refer to the Team Leader to understand to what extent it is acceptable to show affection.
6. Gifts or donations to any beneficiary must be approved in advance through the Team Leader, the representative of Milano Altruista or the non-profit organization.
7. Milano Altruista does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, skin color, religion, country of origin, age, veteran status or disability. Therefore, we ask that all volunteers operate in the same spirit.
9. During the project, appropriate clothing must be worn, as suggested on the project page. Transparent dresses, singlets or t-shirts that leave the navel uncovered, miniskirts are not accepted.
10. Please do not participate in a volunteering project in the event of illness, intoxication or on drugs.
11. During projects it is not allowed to consume cigarettes or other products based on tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
12. Pets are not accepted in the MilanoAltruista projects.
13. Children have free access to many projects, however many non-profit organizations have specific age limits. Please check these limitations and inform the Team Leader about the intention to take a child with you.
14. Maximum confidentiality must be maintained on the information you become aware of during the volunteering activity. Please do not communicate the names of the beneficiaries or news about specific cases to people outside the project.
15. Report any concerns you may have about the project to the Team Leader immediately.
16. It is not allowed to establish any personal or social relationship with the beneficiaries (such as exchange of telephone numbers, transport on personal vehicles or any form of preferential treatment) unless explicitly authorized by the non-profit organization / host association.
17. Respect other volunteers as well as the beneficiaries you help. Harassment of any kind and inappropriate words, towards anyone, are not tolerated.
18. The relationship between MilanoAltruista and the volunteer is on a voluntary basis and can be terminated at any time for no specific reason either by the volunteer or by MilanoAltruista.
19. Inform the MilanoAltruista office whenever you have any concerns, comments or compliments by writing to us at We will be happy to listen to you!