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GenerazioneAltruista is an initiative by MilanoAltruista born in 2015 when a group of young volunteers realized the need to involve young people even more in voluntary activities. Often, in fact, the youngest would like to make a substantial contribution to their community but they don’t know how to do it, who to turn to and where to start. For this reason, the GenerazioneAltruista portal exclusively collects voluntary activities accessible to children aged 13 and over. Just like MilanoAltruista, GenerazioneAltruista promotes flexible volunteering so that even the youngest who attend secondary schools, university or work can help by making available some of their free time.

Among the main objectives of GenerazioneAltruista is certainly to make volunteering fun through activities in which everyone’s passions can enter the field. From photography to graphics, every skill can really help! We offer the possibility of organizing group activities that help strengthen friendship ties in a fun but also socially engaged way. In fact, the basis of our project is the belief that volunteering plays a fundamental part in everyone’s life and we would like to bring as many kids as possible to this world. In a nutshell, volunteering is beneficial for everyone, for the recipients in the first place but also for the volunteer himself who at the end of the experience will come out enriched in any case.

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