Luca Marro

3F “ICS Italo Calvino” Milano 

The training or, better said, the event was organized by the sport association RGP Precotto, in collaboration with  “TUKIKI”, a football association for cognitive disabled, born to give them the opportunity to practice sport with no barriers.

It was a training in the Precotto venue, right on the football field.

At first they asked to warm up with mixed exercises, then we played a mini-tournament: 4 mixed team made up of Precotto team and disabled guys from 10 to 20 years old, with diverse cognitive impairment (autism, down syndrome and others).

The whole event was run by the coaches of the attending categories as well as the TUKIKI teachers.

What impressed me the most was the enthusiasm of those guys playing with us: I particularly remember the happiness of one of them after scoring a goal.

I would definitely recommend it to other people because it was a great experience for them, and for us too.