Ilaria Bardini 3D

Secondary school Graf

Last Saturday – November 30st – I took part to the “Food Collection 2013”, with the teenager group of my parish, Pentecoste, in Quarto Oggiaro.

My group is made of kids from 2nd and 3rd grade, with our priest and two educators. 

We did some meetings before the volunteering day. 

How to describe the activity to whom has never took part to any of these? Truly is nothing exceptional: it’s a nice experience, it’s fun and it’s also an occasion to spend time together. 

The priest told us not to be too pushy in the leaflets distribution, not to run or shout and obviously to be polite and kind to everyone.

I was volunteering with a friend inside an Esselunga Supermarket in Certosa area, I had the task to unpack the collected products and stack them on the scaffolding, ready to be divided. 

The Food Collection is a day when volunteer people support Foundation Banco Alimentare that, since years, collects not perishable food for poor people.

Banco Alimentare can’t buy these products, it relies on the generosity of people, who buy even just an extra kilo of pasta for charity. 

This is something that impressed me last year.

I gave a leaflet to a lady and she replied: “I would be glad to help but it’s almost the end of the month and I barely have money to afford my own food. I am sorry”

This was impressive because a very few people reply that way, when they can’t help others. Also thanks to this lady, I understood how great is to help others! 

I hope you will find an occasion – or more than one – to give your help.