Lorenzo La Fortezza

Last January 16th, we met the association “Il Laboratorio”: some of the staff members came to the secondary school Graf to tell us about the activities of the association and the beneficiaries of those.

There were three women: Samantha Lentini, Cristina Serralunga and the President of the association Anna Ratti.

Where is the association headquarter? The office location is in Quarto Oggiaro, via Pascarella 20, and it was born 20 years ago. 

Our three friends made us filling a form about the subject of employment and then a stencil workshop. 

Actually the association “Il Laboratorio” helps people who need to enter the society throughout a job: former convicts, physical and mental disabled (such as psychiatric patients), former alcoholics and former drug addicts, as well as foreigners and homeless.

Why then “Il Laboratorio” was born? Two goals: to communicate the rules about labour market; explaining to those disadvantaged people the right to work is for everyone, including those who made mistakes and want to remedy.

The practical ways used to achieve those goals run through three different types of activities: furniture makeover, workshop “Delle Nespole” (focused on sewing) and the stencil. The work carried out by the association can be summarized in three words: inclusiveness, integration and recovery.

With regard to the presence on the media, sometimes it appears on regional news and newspapers.

For me, personally – as well as other schoolmates – this meeting was useful because the employment theme is highly actual, and in the Quarto Oggiaro neighborhood affects a lot of families.

We would like to remind you that you can get in touch with “Il Laboratorio” by calling at 02 39001313 or via the website www.associazionelaboratorio.it