Matteo Passagnoli 2E

Secondary school “Italo Calvino” Milano

Last summer I helped Antonio, a family friend, to carry out a very interesting activity which made me understand the importance of assisting disadvantaged people.

This man – during few of his days off – collaborates with the association “Commissione Visitatrice” to buy (with the association funds) nappies for kids of those families in needs.

That morning Antonio picked me up with his van and we first went to the association headquarter, where they gave us money to buy the goods, and afterwards we went to the “Pillo” store in Rho.

With my help Antonio was able to buy and load 100 packages of nappies on the van, 50 of which for newborn and the other 50 for toddlers.

Once crossed the city from north-west to south-east we reached the Mangiagalli clinic where, after dropping off the nappies in the warehouse, I saw something that impressed me a lot: before leaving the ward I saw the founder of the association, a very old woman, who was handing out to the disadvantaged families “my” nappies, the nappies  – I mean – the ones that I brought to the clinic with pride.

I loved to see and get to know one of the families which, thank to my help too, was receiving something needed. I felt worthwhile and I understood the importance of taking care of others, with small acts too.

I have to admit this experience moved me deeply as I realized that with Antonio’s contribution, the association’s and mine as well, we made possible to support some families in “building” a better future for their kids.